Research Outline

The Pattern and CoStar - Stats


Determine how the apps The Pattern and CoStar monetize the app/service, how much each app generates per annum, the number of users, and identify their top 5 - 7 competitors. For each competitor, identify insights relating to how the app is monetized, number of users, and revenue.

Early Findings

The Pattern

  • As of January 2020, The Pattern had over 200,000 downloads on IOS and 100,000 on Android.
  • The app generates and estimated $5,000 per month from IOS and $5,000 per month from Android.
  • According to monthly estimates of $10,000 of revenue per month we estimate the app generates $120,000 per year ($10,000*10).
  • During our initial search, we were unable to find any data that indicates how the app monetizes content through media reports, app analysis databases, and the app itself.