Research Proposal

Software Engineer Salary


To understand how much to pay a senior-level software engineer in San Francisco who has five years of experience.

Early Findings

  • Glassdoor estimates that software engineers in San Francisco earn an average of about $134,000 annually.
  • For software engineers with between four and six years of experience, the estimation drops slightly to $132,331 annually.
  • Comparatively, for individuals with less than a year of relevant experience, the average salary in San Francisco is $114,933, while for those with between seven and nine years of experience, the average is $139,596 according to Glassdoor's estimates.
  • For small companies with fewer than 50 employees, the salary of a software engineer in San Francisco with four to six years of experience is about $122,077 annually on average, according to Glassdoor's estimates.
  • PayScale estimates a somewhat lower salary for software engineers in San Francisco, at $117,459 annually on average.
  • For a contract employee with five years of experience, PayScale estimates the annual salary of a software engineer in San Francisco to be about $84,000 to $190,000.
  • Indeed puts the average salary of a software engineer in San Franscisco at $151,239 annually, which the website notes is 42 percent higher than the national average.
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