Research Outline

Payment Providers for Conservative Businesses


Identify payment provides that provide payment processing and payroll services that specifically market to conservative businesses.
  • These may include businesses such as agriculture, guns/ammunition, rodeo, etc.
  • The payment provide or the businesses they serve may be described as "conservative" and/or a "Trump supporter."
  • Examples include businesses such as Rodeo Pay.
  • For each payment processor identified, provide a description and determine their market size
  • Additionally, attempt to provide a total market size in value, volume and growth.

Early Findings

Data Availability

Initial research on this topic indicates that data availability is low.

Early Findings

Overall Payment Processing Market

  • The research team was unable to find any information on the overall number or market size of merchant services companies targeting conservative or right-wing businesses. The research team also was unable to identify the market size of payment processing companies specifically for the US or North America.
  • The global payment processing market was valued at USD $38 billion in 2020, and was predicted to have "a CAGR of 14.5% from 2020 to 2027."

Specific Conservative-Leaning Payment Processing Companies

  • Cornerstone Payment Systems provides Christian-based payment processing. Their social media post's show support for conservative politics such as the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. However, they do not provide payroll services.
  • The NRA has selected Clearent as their preferred payment processor. However, Clearent also does not provide payroll processing.
  • eMerchantBroker has been noted as a top merchant services provider for gun businesses.


  • There is very limited information on payment processors providing services targeted to right-wing businesses or supporting right-wing causes. Instead, most of the available information focuses on which payment processors have stopped providing services to conservative/right-wing businesses and groups.
  • However, focusing on identifying payment processors that provide services for gun sellers and/or agriculture does yield some results. Most of these payment processors do not provide payroll services, nor is it possible to determine their market share/revenue. Still, we recommend further research to identify additional payment processors in this manner and provide descriptions of each, as well as revenue estimates if available.
  • Further, we recommend further research to attempt to identify conservative-leaning payroll providers, as this was not found during the initial research.