Research Proposal

Welfare Parent Journey


Determine how families on welfare find out about family/parent education services/programs. Provide their customer journey and their motivations to participate (triggers).

Early Findings

After a thorough search, it was determined that no preexisting survey of parents on welfare involved in family/parent education services/programs was available that indicated how these parents found out about the program. However, some helpful findings were found:
  • It seems that most, if not all, families on welfare will have a caseworker assigned to their case. It is therefore likely that these caseworkers are the ones supplying families with the information.
  • We also looked for information on how families found out about welfare programs, as we thought that they would likely find out about education/family services the same way. However, we could not find any specifics other than that "typically, when families seek work supports, such as food, medical, or child care assistance, they begin by visiting a social service office during regular business hours. "
  • For families participating in the First Class Pre-K program in Alabama, most families found out from a friend, daycare, word-of-mouth, or personal research. Many families also found out from social media, online websites or brochures.
  • For families in Michigan participating in school choice, most families learned about schools and school choice from other parents, school websites, and in-person visits.
  • It was found that for Head Start programs, most programs work with multiple community partners, such as government organizations providing welfare and healthcare providers, and "all programs surveyed maintain a waiting list for enrollment of eligible families and prioritize families by their level of need."
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