Home Cleaning


To identify recent trends, relationship, and the general perception people have regarding home cleaning.

Early Findings

  • Home cleaning is increasingly being outsourced by millennials to third party services. A significant percentage of the younger population outsource their cleaning needs to make time for other activities. In fact, outsourcing home cleaning function is no longer regarded as a luxury but as a necessity among this group, according to a recent article by Jobber Academy.
  • Home management and cleaning is a major struggle for many couples and also a tricky one. Home cleaning is not considered to be an important task by many, so it constantly ranks low among people's priorities, and people often only get to the task after completing all other demanding tasks.
  • Home care and chores is the third most important factor influencing divorces in the US. About 30 percent of divorced Americans cited "disagreements about housework as the top reason for their split-ups. In addition, 80 percent of people living with a partner have disagreements about housework, which indicates that people generally need their homes clean but hardly possess the required drive to perform the task.
  • Although men are now increasingly willing to participate in home chores, men are still considered "slackers" in this regard, and women still play an active role in home cleaning. In the US, women spend about 4 hours on household tasks, including cleaning, while men typically spend an average of 2.5 hours on similar tasks. A study recently found that men were least happy when they did more cleaning and laundry than their partners.
  • Also, some people find the entire process of home cleaning boring and would prefer not to be bothered with the task. Some others prefer to have other people, such as a professional cleaner or partner, perform the task while they enjoy the newly cleaned space.

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