Research Outline

Conversion of "Recently Viewed" or "Other Products" on e-Commerce Websites


How sections like "recently viewed", "other products we recommend" or "other products you may like" convert on e-commerce websites.

Early Findings

  • Personalized product recommendations have been shown to increase average order value substantially.
  • Customers who interact with even one recommended product increase conversion rates by 288%. It also decreases shopping cart abandonment by 4.35%.
  • It is recommended to place personalized recommendations above the fold for maximum impact. The highest performing version of product recommendations was the "what customers ultimately buy" widget.
  • One study found 35% of all Amazon products were directly related to product recommendations. The company is known for devoting upwards of 70% of the page space to personalized recommendations.
  • Broadly, product recommendations are predicted to increase cart size by 50% and conversion rates by 150%.
  • Personalized recommendations, as opposed to generic recommendations, had a higher conversion rate by 1.7x.
  • Shoppers are more likely to use a company that makes personalized recommendations as part of the shopping process.
  • A Salesforce study actually broke down product recommendation conversion rate increase by device. Desktops and smartphones had the highest conversion rates at 4.3x higher, smartphones had 26% higher add-to-cart rates, smartphones saw product recommendations with a 26% revenue share and tablets' AOV was 15.2% higher.