Liao Family and Businesses


Develop a profile of Pepi Liao and her father, including information about them, their businesses, public sentiment towards them, and articles that discuss them. Also describe Emanuel Business Association, detailing who is a member and online conversation and sentiment about it, and CB-Ceratizit, detailing what it does and online conversation and sentiment about it. Be sure to mention negative results.

Early Findings

Pepi Liao (廖佩玲)

  • Pepi Liao is also referred to as Liao Peiling and 廖佩玲.
  • A 2018 article by Mirror Media discusses how Pepi Liao still passes financial figures to her father for important decision-making.
  • Liao is the head of her family's real estate and hotel business.
  • Her Pinterest page can be found here, her YouTube account is here, her Tripadvisor account here, and her Facebook is here.
  • Liao gave an interview in 2013 to Taiwan Today about her work at the InHouse Hotel, a boutique hotel that opened in Ximending in May 2012.
  • She studied abroad starting at eight years old and has developed an American style that differs from her father's.
  • She has received some bad press over an arrest for drunk driving in 2016.

Wanlong Liao (廖萬隆)


  • CB-Certatizit is the Asian market leader in carbide rod blanks, industrial wear parts and wood & stone applications and specific cutting tool segments through quality products, fast delivery, and responsive customer service.
  • CB-Ceratizit is one of the subsidiaries of the Ceratizit Group. Other subsidiaries of the Ceratizit Group include Komet, Stadler, Becker Diamantwerkzeuge, and Ceraspin.
  • The Ceratizit Group's brands include Hard Materials Solutions by Ceratizit, Toolmaker Solutions by Ceratizit, Tool Solutions by Ceratizit, Cutting Solutions by Ceratizit, Komet, WNT, KLENK, and Ceraspin.
  • CB-Ceratizit has over 1,000 employees and an annual revenue of an estimated $10.84 million.
  • Wanlong Liao is the company's chairman.

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