Entertainment Spending - Boston


To understand live entertainment spending in Boston.

Early Findings

  • US survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics only covers broad expenditures categories. It is also dated from 2015-16 as the BLS does not conduct its surveys yearly.
  • Bostonians spent 5.1% of their total annual expenditure on "entertainment". The average annual expenditure was $68,119, meaning entertainment spend was $34,774. It should be noted that Bostonian spend and US average spend were the smae (5.1%).
  • In 2015, Americans spent an average of $652 on "fees and admissions". This category includes sporting events, museums, movies and live entertainment. Overall, the average spend on live events was $46 annually.
  • In the US, live music revenues earned $10.43 billion in 2018.
  • An economic survey for the Boston Planning & Development Agency gives wage information for the entertainment industry but not consumer expenditure.

Research proposal:

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