Percentage of Adults With Tattoos


To identify the percentage of adults living in New York City who have tattoos in order to satisfy a curiosity for a potential social media post. Adults are defined as 18 years of age and older.

Early Findings

  • In an article posted on December 29, 2019, the New York Post reported that nearly 1 in 3 or 31.4% of New Yorkers have a tattoo. Please note that this news article posted information from a "city Department of Health survey."
  • Women (34.9%) in NYC get tattoos more than men (27.4%).
  • Percentages of adults in NYC who have tattoos by borough: Brooklyn (32.1%), Staten Island (36.6%), Manhattan (30.2%), Queens (27.5%).
  • Percentages of adults in NYC who have tattoos based on ethnicity: Latinx (42.4%), Black (31%), White (27%), and Asian (17.2%).
  • 16.7% of New Yorkers have gotten a tattoo removed.
  • In 2016, the journal Dermatology surveyed tattoo artists in NYC. "Most tattooists (92.8%) reported being asked by clients to evaluate adverse tattoo reactions, 85% were asked about tattoo removal, and 90% were asked about the safety of getting a tattoo with a preexisting skin condition. About half (56.1%) had received training about skin conditions related to tattoos. Tattooists with prior training reported higher rates of optimal skincare behaviors and higher confidence with tattoo-related skin conditions; 91.4% reported interest in skincare education."
  • The annual NYC Community Health Survey questions from 2002-2018, do not appear to ask about tattoos. However, piercings were discussed in 2014. Additional information about the city-wide survey can be found here.
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