Research Outline

Asset Protection Program Financing


To research and compile data on asset-rich, cash-poor individuals in order to determine the market size for asset protection program financing.

Early Findings

Real Estate Investors

  • The premise that real estate investors would be capable of financing asset protection programs is supported by this article by amalgamated Bank, detailing the financing options using real estate as collateral. Although the article is directed at financing solutions for baby boomers, the principal of borrowing against real estate in the form of a reverse mortgage in order to unlock equity is in line with the aforementioned premise.

Young Professionals

  • According to this fact sheet concerned with the young professionals’ workforce in the United States, there are currently 17.2 million individuals that fall into that category.
  • The average income of young professionals was $53,192 as of 2015 and the earnings ranged from $43,000 for 25-year-olds to $69,914 for 34-year-olds.
  • The highest-earning group of young professionals was those in the legal field, earning an average of $72,886 annually.
  • The young professional workforce is currently made up of millennials. This article breaks down the demographic distribution of this population across the USA.

Founders of Valuable Business

  • Finding exact information on the market size of founders of businesses that have high amounts of investor money and are yet to produce significant income was not accessible. However, our research did find that startups, as well as legal partnerships and private medical practices, fit the above description at the early stages of their business cycles.
  • There was no data regarding the number of young startup founders accessible. However, there are currently 230,187 private physician practices across the USA.