Research Proposal

Boomers/Gen Z - Succesful Marketing Language


Locate successful personal health and fitness plans/programs/brands that are aimed specifically at Baby Boomers/Gen Z and then identify/explain the language that they use to guide and motivate customers to reach their goals.

Early Findings

Baby Boomers

  • According to Precor Equipment, there are three major things that Baby Boomers are looking for in their health/fitness plans: prevention, control, and reversal. Precor is a company that builds fitness equipment, as well as offering group training and fitness networks.
  • In terms of prevention, Precor specifically says: "They're looking to prevent falls, memory issues, and a declining health and quality of life."
  • In terms of control, Precor states: "They seek control over their lives. They're trying to manage high blood pressure, arthritis, and other health issues or disease."
  • For reversal, Precor writes out: "They wish to slow down the effects of aging. Perhaps they've had a knee or hip replacement. Maintaining mobility, flexibility, and balance are important. They want to continue to enjoy time with their grandchildren, doing their hobbies, and playing golf or tennis."
  • Some programs that tend to do well with Baby Boomers include SilverSneakers, Silver and Fit, and Health Way.
  • Precor suggests that Baby Boomers do better in situations that promotes participants to be social, work together, and have fun.

Generation Z

  • Members of Generation Z are looking mostly for balance in the things that they do. Glofox says that, "this target market is slowly shifting fitness towards body confidence, balance, and feeling good."
  • Fitness programs for Generation Z are more than about being in shape. These types of members are looking for a program that is honest and promotes overall well-being and lifestyle enhancers.
  • Hashtags are very popular with promoting products to Generation Z, as it helps bring them in through social media, something that they are already so familiar with.
  • According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), about 14% of club members in 2018 were part of Generation Z, and Gen Z individuals are more likely to participate in group-based activities than Boomers.
  • Since 70% of Generation Z individuals will often turn to YouTube or other video outlets before making a purchase, having a video component can help grab and keep the attention for these members.
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