Research Outline

Personal Injury Customer Preference Study


To understand factors that influence customer preferences for a personal injury law firm in order to guide market positioning.

Early Findings

  • According to Law Technology Today, during high-stress situations such as divorce, the death of a spouse, marital separation, clients prefer "a legal team that takes clients seriously, emphasizes customer service, and doesn’t wreck their budget while working the case."
  • A study found that "67% of surveyed customers said they choose a law firm if they promptly answer the first call or email."
  • The study also found that clients generally love free first time consults. About 64% of law firm customers surveyed stated that they choose a law firm that offers free first-time consults, the second-highest response in the study.
  • About 49% of customers surveyed said that "having a set cost would help make a law firm their first choice."
  • The other factors surveyed clients say they consider include "28% of clients choose a firm if they accept credit card, 27% if they have positive text message exchanges, and 19% if they have a great looking website."
  • When looking for a lawyer, most people noted in a study that a recommendation/referral from a friend (62%) and other lawyers (31%) are the most common ways they chose a lawyer. The study also found that "online search (37%) and directory listings (28%) trailed. TV ads (13%), online ads (13%), radio ads (7%), and billboard ads (6%) had a much lower influence among respondents."