Research Proposal

Personality Assessment Tools: Best Practices


Determine best practices for implementing work culture changes based on personality assessment results.

Early Findings

Personality Assessment Tools: Best Practices

  • Personality assessment tools can help in determining the hidden strengths and weaknesses in employees.
  • Employers can then build their teams based on these employee attributes.
  • As an example, projects needing researchers can best succeed with a detail-minded person.
  • Meanwhile, those with good collaboration skills can lead a project for the organization.
  • These assessment tools can also show the team members who can work compatibly with each other.
  • Allowing each personnel to work based on their assessment results can lead to more productive contributions to the organization.
  • Employers can also change their work culture by optimizing the work of the team based on their personality test results in order to address certain workplace problems.
  • When this is done, the organization can see an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction. This can then enable the company to be on-track to meet their business objectives.
  • It is also a good practice to share personality assessment results with each other to help the organization determine how its members address conflict and resolve issues.
  • Sharing results can also help the team understand the motivations and stress factors of each other.
  • They can also gain an understanding on how to improve their working relationships to prevent misunderstanding and improve communication.
  • Leaders of the organization can also share their personality test results to help them understand the best way to manage the team.
  • It is also a good practice for leaders to analyze the personality test results of their employees to determine how their personality traits can fit into the type of organization that the company would want to become.
  • Leaders should also analyze the results to identify patterns within their employees' interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This can then be used to identify the right organization structure for both the employees and the company.
  • Personality assessments can also help in predicting the actions that employees would do in future situations. This can help leaders in initiating discussions to change the current course and avoid future problems.
  • It is also a good practice to use the data to help identify lateral moves within an organization. This can optimize culture-fit in an organization.

Summary of Findings:

Our initial one hour of research provided some of the best practices that companies apply when implementing work culture changes based on personality assessment results.

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