Research Proposal

Personality Assessment Tools


To obtain case studies of organizations that have used personality assessment/profiling tools to improve their work culture by improving employee communications. Also, to find out whether human resources leaders prefer a particular tool over others; as well as the best practices for implementing changes based on personality profiling tools.

Early Findings

  • According to Paycom, sharing the results of personality assessment tests with employees can help team members to understand one another better. When employees understand the communication preferences of their managers and co-workers, the workplace becomes a more comfortable and productive environment.
  • The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness reveals that Keirsey assessments help people see their differences as strengths, thereby building up trust as part of an organization’s culture.
  • By using Keirsey assessments, communication is enhanced "between people at all levels in the company, reducing turnover and increasing morale and performance."
  • Through these assessments, employees can understand the motivations of their coworkers; they also get valuable insight into what discourages their co-workers.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator provides a common language that employees can leverage in communicating about their performance, feelings about work, and workplace preferences.
  • According to FlashPoint, the DiSC assessment tool is a "behavioral-style assessment and training suite that helps leaders and teams build more effective relationships and improve workplace communication."
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