Research Outline

Personalized Nutrition During Pregnancy


To conduct a data-driven evaluation of a new concept focused on customized nutritional coaching in pregnancy by assessing several components of the market including size, players, trends, and opportunities; as well as relevant tools/services marketed to pregnant women concerned with providing adequate nutrition to their babies.

Early Findings

Much of the information available in this market focuses on sport/nutrition genetics and shies away from a pure focus on pregnant women's nutrition. However, there is some valuable information to note:
  • The global maternity care market, of which DNA-based nutritional counseling is broadly a part, is worth $9 billion and is “impressively” growing at a CAGR of 2.15%.
  • The maternity care market, however, is very focused on the traditional elements of pregnancy care (e.g., stretch mark minimizers, breast creams, toning/firming lotions, itching prevention creams, nipple protection creams, body restructuring gels, and stressed leg products).
  • This kind of traditional focus likely vastly underestimates the market’s potential. For instance, the global personalized retail nutrition & wellness market size was valued at $24.9 billion in 2017 and is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 9.1% (covering the period 2018-2025).
  • Emerging players in the “nutrigenetic testing” market include Pathway Genomics and Helix. Additional companies in the space include Inside Tracker (US-based), Nutrigenomix, and Viome.
  • Companies heavily involved in DNA test kits (those that already have certain frameworks in place to assist in the pregnancy market) include Gene by Gene, Living DNA, National Geographic Partners, Veritas, and FitnessGenes.
  • Over-saturation of health information about diet planning, new technological offerings, and the expanding trend of personalized products/services have helped propel the personalized nutrition market.
  • Further, the personalized nutrition market is estimated to reach $11.5 billion by 2025. It was valued at $4.7 billion (globally) in 2017.
  • Reports note that pregnancy women are suffering from information overload and many of their genetic tests have to do with major developmental disabilities and other major issues with their fetuses, rather than purely nutritional data.
  • GenoPalate is a company in a very good position to offer personalized button services to pregnant women. They work in conjunction with 23andMe.