Pet Food Industry


To understand the purchasing habits of healthy pet food buyers in the US.

Early Findings

  • Millennials pet owners are extremely willing to try 'healthy' or natural-branded pet food before "normal" mass-produced brands/varieties.
  • Contamination and safety are key considerations when deciding which pet food brands to buy.
  • Millennials prefer labeling which is transparent. They prefer foods that are labeled as 'holistic', non-GMO, organic and grain-free.
  • Pet owners today say they would sacrifice things for themselves to afford higher-quality pet food.
  • Millennial pet owners have less brand loyalty than ever. They use their phones to compare prices and products and often use QR codes to get extra discounts when buying.
  • Younger pet owners "are invested in a learning journey" when it comes to gathering information. They are actually more likely to involve their veterinarian AND other staff at the clinic in their decision-making and follow a vet's recommendations. They enjoy gathering information from many sources.
  • Cat owners across generations spend more time information-gathering than dog owners.
  • Younger owners are more likely to use alternative communication (like social media) to communicate with their vet and seek recommendations.
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