Pet Wellness Plans - Competitive Landscape


To obtain a competitive landscape of Banfield Pet Hospital's pet wellness plan and five competitors for the purpose of comparing prices, products and services, and other benefits to obtain new business.

Early Findings

Preliminary research identified five competitors to Banfield's pet wellness plans and initiated a competitive landscape.
  • A competitive landscape comparing Banfield's pet wellness plans and the pet wellness plans of five competitors has been initiated on the attached spreadsheet.
  • The five competitors offer similar plans to Banfield's pet wellness plans:
  • United Pet Care — This is a pet insurance alternative that offers discounts on office visits, annual exams, health certificates, annual vaccines, procedures, and medicines. There is a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • VCA CareClub — This is a wellness plan for dogs or cats that covers annual wellness exams, vaccines, and early disease detection.
  • Pets Best — The routine care and wellness plan covers vaccinations, wellness exams, and various diagnostic tests. There are other services available for a higher cost as well.
  • Nationwide — This company offers pet insurance, but it also offers standalone wellness coverage plans that cover, among other things, physical exams, behavioral exams, vaccinations, and various diagnostic tests.
  • Wagmo — This company provides three tiers of wellness plans that cover various levels of wellness exams, vaccines, grooming, diagnostic tests, and teeth cleaning.

Research proposal:

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