Pfizer - COVID - 19 (Weak Points)


To identify 2 - 3 key defaults, such as weak points, slow responses, or areas of improvement, regarding Pfizer's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early Findings

  • In response to the recent pandemic, Pfizer created a website to educate and update the public on COVID-19 as well as share tips on how to remain productive during the lockdown period.
  • On the 13th of March, Pfizer announced that it would be launching a five-point plan to combat the epidemic. The plan entails sharing relevant tools and insights, dedicating a team of specialists towards curtailing the pandemic, sharing clinical development and regulatory expertise with smaller biotech companies to help them develop solutions faster, dedicating excess manufacturing capabilities to smaller biotech companies, and working towards improving future response.
  • The company has also directed all its customer-facing employees in the US and Puerto Rico to work remotely.
  • So far, Pfizer has not received any public condemnation regarding how it is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States president, Donald Trump, recently showered praise on some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US, including Pfizer, on how they are responding to the pandemic.
  • Pfizer has also received some form of commendation for starting research collaborations with BioNTech to develop a potential COVID-19 vaccine while they are yet to conclude the business side of the deal.
  • The only negative article we found so far focused on the tendency of pharmaceutical companies to safeguard their profits and protect against future liabilities in times of crisis, which slows down progress and acts against the development of the needed vaccines.

Proposed next steps:

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