Physicians: New Revenue Streams (Canada)


To identify the perception of Canadian physicians related to software and additional revenue in order to inform a business strategy.

Early Findings

In this initial one-hour research, we were unable to find any articles that were directly related to the Canadian physicians' perception regarding software and additional revenue. However, we found some key findings that could help answer the questions indirectly.
  • According to a survey conducted by the MD Financial Management, almost 50% of Canadian physicians aged 40+ years are struggling to save money for their retirements and do not have a financial plan while 67% agreed that their financial plans are impacted by unexpected expenses.
  • Based on a survey conducted by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the common electronic tools used by Canadian physicians are follows:
  • "Reminders for patient care": 41.6% of Canadian physicians use such tools
    "Ordering lab tests": 62.5%
    "Ordering diagnostic tests": 62.5%
    "Receipt of a hospital visit and discharge information": 61.1%
    "Clinical decision support tool": 40.3%
    "Access to the list of medications taken by a patient": 72.2%
    "Warnings for drug interactions": 50.9%
    "Interface to pharmacy/pharmacist": 18.1%
    "Access to lab test/diagnostic results": 86.5%
    "Referral to other physicians": 54.7%
    "Secure transfer of patient information": 36.4%
    "Access to provincial/territorial patient information systems": 49.9%
    "Interface to non-doctor health professionals": 14.7%
    "An Artificial Intelligence (AI)": 1.3%
  • However, physicians in Canada reported that their patients use limited electronic tools. Only 13.3% of their patients request appointments online; 6.3% request prescription renewals online; 22.4% of patients view their health records online; 19.2% consult via message or email; 3.9% add their measurements in their electronic tools; and only 4.8% add documentation in their electronic record.

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