Airline Fee Impact, Economy vs Luxury


Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of airline fees on consumers' flying a certain airline as it relates to economy vs. luxury travelers

Early Findings

While there was limited data specifically related to luxury travelers' perceptions of ancillary airline feels, we were able to find the following related data:

  • 76% of travelers with large budgets still looked for discounts and low prices and 49% still felt the need to stick to a budget when traveling.
  • 58% of those surveyed noted they would pay more per ticket if it allowed the airline or airport to fund projects to modernize facilities or reduce delays.
  • Those flying first-class tend to prioritize uniqueness, and feeling special, and have a willingness to pay extra fees and higher prices when associated with status.

Proposed next steps:

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Provide a report on what perks most motivate travelers to pay extra to fly first-class or business class
Provide a report on how many more luxury first-class or business class flyers there are compared to 5-10 years in the past and why