Research Proposal

Pinterest Brand Image


In order to inform employees working on a marketing pitch, craft a brand analysis of Pinterest, including how the brand represents itself to consumers, how consumers see/think of the brand, and a basic profile of Pinterest's users.

Early Findings

Proprietary Research Available

  • Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Richard K. Miller & Associates for an additional $385.00. This research includes user demographics of Pinterest.

Pinterest User Profile

  • Pinterest has 250 million active monthly users, 125 million of which come from the US.
  • Pinterest is dominated by females, however, 40% of new sign ups are men, indicating that more men are beginning to use the platform.
  • The majority of active pinners are below age 40, with persons aged 40+ using pinterest mostly just to browse and not pin.
  • "Half of Pinterest users earn $50K or greater per year, with 10% of Pinteresting households making greater than $125K."
  • Pinterest is mainly used for assisting purchasing decisions, with 93% of active users reporting that they use pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% saying they have purchased something specifically because of Pinterest.
  • Users spend an average of just over 14 minutes on Pinterest each time they visit the site.

Brand Messaging

  • Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann has repeatedly said that the company is not a social networking site, but a "catalog of ideas."
  • The mission -to help people discover and do things they love- clearly illustrates this idea.
  • Two key groups for Pinterest are "pinners" and advertisers. Pinterest market's its platform to each of these groups differently.
  • At the core of Pinterest's monetization strategy is advertising.
  • For Pinners, Pinterest focuses on "visual experience and human content curation" in order to set themselves apart from other social media sites and search sites.
  • In order to market itself for advertisers, Pinterest stresses that they cover "the whole sales funnel, that goes from awareness to conversion."
  • Recently, Pinterest is shifting towards distinguishing itself as an ecommerce platform. They stated: "When you see something on Pinterest you’d like to own you should be able to buy it, or something just like it that matches your unique style. That’s our vision for shopping with Pinterest."

Consumer Impression

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