Pitch Research


To research consumer drivers for luxury skin care in the US, as well as a competitive landscape of top hand sanitizer players (Germ-X, Equate and Purell).

Early Findings

  • Digital is being credited as one of the biggest drivers for the luxury skin care market. Modern consumers are flocking to digital-first brands, which helps them gain "cult-like" status among younger shoppers.
  • Collaborations on social media and crowd-sourcing are becoming pivotal in the growth of skincare products.
  • Further, beauty is successfully being tied another trend of wellness. Beauty products and skincare are being positioned as form of wellness for the face and skin.
  • Generally, wellness is also about embracing diversity and aging well. As such, there is a marked trend away from "anti-aging" into instead thinking about aging well.
  • Inclusivity is a huge trend, bringing gender-neutral and more diverse color palettes than ever. Consumers are driven by brands that are perceived as multi-cultural and inclusive.
  • Consumers are also loving connected systems, such as products lines that connect to an app to offer personalized recommendations.

Research proposal:

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