Pivot Case Studies


To prove the power of the pivot by obtaining 2 inspiring case studies about different types of pivots (course corrections) outlined in this article.

Early Findings

Groupon — Customer Need Pivot

  • Details about Groupon's successful pivot have been provided in this spreadsheet.
  • Groupon began as an online platform known as The Point. Initially, the start-up enabled "people to come together to support causes that were important to them".
  • The company then added a new feature called Groupon. This feature allowed users to bargain for discounts collectively. This new feature became more successful than their cause-based features, so the start-up applied a customer need pivot to offer discounted gift certificates to its customers instead.
  • Groupon transformed "into a company that was worth $16B at its peak".
  • It is currently valued at $1.4 billion.

Proposed next steps:

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