Research Outline

Plant-Based Burger Patties Production Issues


Determine issues related to cost and scalability of production and the potential next steps for research and development in the plant-based burger patties space.

Early Findings

Plant-Based Burger Patties Production Issues

  • Plant-based meat products such as burger patties are not cheap due to the supply chain for the components that are needed to manufacture them.
  • As an example, the supply chain processes that are needed in producing yellow pea protein are much less evolved than those for regular animal protein.
  • Experts are expecting that the cost in producing plant-based products may go down sometime in the future once the supply chain for its key ingredients is improved further.
  • The plant-based meat sector in general has an issue when it comes to scaling their production processes.
  • Based on the assessment of an owner, the entire plant-based meat manufacturing processes will require a major transformation before it can really produce a real plant-based meat.
  • The industry also need more funding to further improve and scale their production process.