Research Outline

Healthy Lifestyle


To obtain an analysis of the healthy lifestyle market in terms of healthy eating, plant-based diets, vitamins, superfoods, and chemical-free products in order to inform a new business venture. This venture will offer healthy lifestyle tips, recommendations, advice, recipes, among others. To obtain data such as the market size, the competitive landscape, target audience demographics, psychographics, among others.

Early Findings

  • This research reveals that "healthy lifestyle" reports cover a similar scope to health and wellness. For this reason, our research will provide insights from reports that could address these topics.
  • According to a 2019 publication, the health and wellness market was valued at $4.2 trillion. In 2017, US consumers spent $702 billion on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss; $595 billion on fitness and mindfulness; and $639 billion on wellness tourism.

Healthy Lifestyle Consumer Segments

  • After having carried out an extensive analysis of this consumer, this report presents four personas. These are defined as "Casual Dieters", "Fitness Fanatics", "Whole Wellness Body Gurus", and "Organic Consumers". This report also provides a breakdown of these personas by generation. It reveals that Gen Zs have the highest statistics for casual dieters.

Digital Tools in this Market

  • Digital tools are beginning to play a critical role in enhancing an individual's healthy lifestyle. Digital solutions are providing comprehensive insight into health promotion and disease prevention strategies. These tools, services, and platforms assist in advocacy, enabling, and mediation.
  • Social media has also played a key role in enhancing the concept of a healthy lifestyle. Examples of top influencers in the healthy lifestyle market include Josh Richards, David Beckham, Sunny LEONE, and Jannat Zubair Rahmani.

Current State of the US Market

  • Research has revealed that only 12.2% of adults eat the recommended amount of fruits daily. This statistic is worse in younger generations as only 9% meet this threshold. Less than 10% do not adhere to eating vegetables either. Additionally, added sugar has become a major part of one's daily diet.
  • These factors and more, have resulted in a staggering 117 million adults that now suffer a chronic disease due to these dietary failures. These issues are further aggravated by the fact that 23 million people live in food deserts and there are only 2.7 farmers' markets per 100,000 US citizens, limiting access to healthy options.

Key Players

  • The top key players in the natural vitamins market include NATURELO Premium Supplements; Garden of Life; P&G; Rainbow Light; MegaFood; SmartyPants Vitamins; Hero Nutritionals; Country Life, LLC;; Archer Daniels Midland Company; BASF SE; Farbest Brands; Watson Inc.; Solgar Inc.; and Doctors Best.
  • The key players in the global superfoods market, currently valued at US$ 156.3 billion, include Natures Superfoods LLP, Superfood World, OMG Superfoods, Amazing Grass, Rude Health, UK SUPERFOODS LTD, Naturaya, and Bulk Superfoods.