Company Information


To provide the sales revenue, employee count, founded year, headquarters address, the count of facilities, (manufacturing, warehouse, R&D) and address of each facility, the area of each facility in square foot or total facilities, and a list of countries with sales presence for Utilidata, Exacter, Inc., 4RF USA, Camlin Technologies, Ingenu, and Rugged Monitoring.

Early Findings


  • UtiliData is a privately held company, therefore, information on its revenue was taken from third-party sites.
  • UtiliData has production, research and development facilities all located at its headquarter in Rhode Island. The precise square footage for each facility or its headquarters office was not available, therefore, information on the building in which its headquarters is located was sought. The assumption was made that the company occupies one floor in the 7 story building, therefore making the total square footage 31,000.
  • No specific country was mentioned in which the company has a sales presence. There are also no specific offices in other countries, therefore, the regions in which the company is present and is planning to expand to were mentioned.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on setting up the requested spreadsheet, quickly scanning the companies mentioned, and the searching for information on UtiliData.
  • Please note that some sources used for UtiliData are dated, however, no more recent information could be found on the company's website or in the public domain on the information requested.
  • Please note that most of the companies provided are privately held, therefore, sales revenue will most likely come from third-party resources, if it is available.
  • Also, most likely the square footage of company facilities might not be available. We can attempt to triangulate the square footage based on information that might be available.
  • 4RF USA is the US branch of the company. This might be confusing when searching for the countries in which it has a sales presence.
  • The requested information can be found on this spreadsheet per the instructions provided (with a column added for types of facilities).

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