Makita Price List


To identify authorized distributors of Makita tools (distributors and online retailers) and to create a spreadsheet with the prices for specific Makita tools (XDT14Z; XWT15Z; WXT09XVZ; XDT14T; and WXT15T) for each distributor. This will be used for a product price comparison.

Early Findings

  • Makita lists 25 online retailers on its official US website.
  • For the initial hour, a spreadsheet was created for the identified online retailers in the US and the online prices of the requested products were listed for the first ten retailers.
  • This research primarily focused on online retailers and distributors in the US, please let us know in a comment below if another region is of interest.
  • We can continue the research in order to identify the prices of the requested products for the other US online retailers listed in the spreadsheet.
  • A comprehensive list of all the Makita distributors in the US did not appear immediately available in this search. However, research indicates that more distributors are available. We can continue researching distributors in the US and add it to the spreadsheet, if this is of interest.
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Proposed next steps:

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