Online Workforce Tools


To gain a comprehensive understanding of workforce tools and solutions offered by various platforms, to inform future marketing approaches.

Early Findings

The attached spreadsheet contains information regarding the identified workforce tools.


  • Perceptyx offers several tools for companies, such as employee surveys and people analytics.
  • Assisting companies with aligning employee experience and business outcomes is the primary focus of Perceptyx.
  • Companies using Perceptyx include over 25% of companies in the Fortune 100 rankings.
  • Employee surveys offered include options to customize question content and styles, using smart technology to encourage feedback and participation, combine results from multiple surveys to obtain a big picture view, and connect survey results to other variables for analysis.
  • The people analytics product allows employers to evaluate performance drivers, provide focus on specific insight analysis, utilize multiple interactive reports, filter survey data, and monitor trends over time.
  • Perceptyx also has a product called "taking action." This tool allows employers to communicate initiatives and progress updates to employees directly, use a leader guide to assist with presentations and tough conversations, develop improvement plans, and ensure surveys and approaches are targeting the right areas for current goals.
  • Product marketing approaches focus on the holistic approach of Perceptyx, going beyond simple survey measurement by developing big picture and targeted views of concerns.
  • Core values of Perceptyx include viewing everyone as an entrepreneur, empowering clients, using a family approach to interaction and partnership, avoiding the status quo view, and seeking "wow moments".
  • Average review on G2 is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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