Browser Features Update


To document if a browser has added a feature to their feature set in the past few months in the provided spreadsheet. The rows to be covered have an X with yellow highlight. The feature must be native to the browser, and on by default. Not enabled with a lab or add-on/extension. A link to website or release notes or articles that verifies the feature shipping should be added in a comment on the respective cell.

Early Findings

  • Chrome is yet to block crypto mining scripts by default. It however, announced that it would roll out a feature that would block resource heavy ads by August 2020.
  • Brave by default blocks crypto mining scripts.
  • Opera's built-in ad-blocker blocks cryptomining scripts but is not turned on by default. Users have to turn it on by selecting the feature in the browser settings.
  • Chrome plans on launching new fingerprinting features later this year.
  • The above responses have been added in comments in the respective cells on row 5 and 6 of the provided spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

During the initial hour of research, yellow marked cells in rows 5 and 6 of the provided spreadsheet were filled. It was established that the respective browsers have yet to implement the appropriate features and hence an 'X' was left in these cells. Additionally, the sources used in making that determination were added as comments in the respective cells.

Proposed next steps:

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