Research Outline

Campsite Research


To find 2-3 campsite options for July 8th that meets the following parameters:
  • Within a one-hour drive of the Paradise Ranger Station in Ashford, Washington.
  • Available for check-in on July 8th [Note this is for a tent, not an RV]
  • Accepts reservations in advance, and does so online. This is important as some campsites are first-come, first-served, and this is not acceptable.
  • The campsite must not be classified as "hike in". The campsite must be one where a person can drive their car up to the site, or close to the site. It should not be a campsite where the person would need to walk several miles away from their car to get to the tent site.
  • For each option found, the links to the respective booking websites should be provided.
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