UX Statistics and Case Studies


To obtain case studies and statistics that demonstrate measurable benefit of design thinking or user experience used in the context of software development.

Early Findings

User Experience (UX) Statistics

  • According to research, 88% of users would not return to a site that has a poor UX.
  • 70% of online businesses fail because of a poor/weak website or mobile app. This instability impedes usability. Currently, only 55% of online businesses conduct UX testing.
  • Unfortunately, 53% of mobile site visitors would leave it if it takes longer than three seconds to load and 75% build their opinion on a company based on the aesthetics of its website/app.
  • 48% of users are annoyed by websites that have poor mobile optimization.
  • Four out of five mobile users look up goods online before making a purchase.

Design Thinking

  • Design thinking focuses on value of the product to the customer. This is a solution-based model that offers the chance to test the product in the early stages of development.
  • This method allows the client to find the user and define its needs. This ensures that every part of the solution is relevant in meeting the user's needs.
  • This process entails understanding the user by empathizing and defining the user's needs; exploring options by ideating and prototyping; and materializing by testing and then implementing.

Case Studies

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial research was able to provide some statistics and insights into design thinking. Information on this topic seems to be widely available. For this reason, we have provided overall insights that would provide an overall scope.
  • The next steps suggested below would take the outlined research paths that would provide a deeper and more robust write-up.

Research proposal:

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