Research Outline

Cities Commuting Mode Share


To find the percentage of commuting modes for a list of US and worldwide cities.

Early Findings


  • 48% of total car trips in Seattle are below 3 miles.
  • 24.8% of trips in Seattle are made by private car.
  • This means that 0.48*24.8= 11.9% of trips by car are less than 3 miles in Seattle.
  • Therefore, the difference, which is 24.8-11.9= 12.9% represents trips by car that are superior to 3 miles in Seattle.
  • 3.3% telecommuted, meaning they did not use any transport.
  • 48.4% of people in Seattle use public transport, which includes bus, rail and ferry.
  • 9.7% use ride share.
  • Miscellaneous rides includes walking (7.7%), riding a bicycle (3.1%) , a motorcycle or scooter (0.6%), boarding a ferry with a car/bus/van (0.8%), compressed work week day-off (0.1%) and other (1.4%).
  • This means that miscellaneous is equal to 7.7+3.1+0.6+0.8+0.1+1.4=13.7%
  • Therefore the total is 48.4+9.7+11.9+12.9+3.3+13.7=99.9%

All the information has been added to the shared spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

During a preliminary hour of research, we have been able the breakdown percentage of different commuting modes for the city of Seattle. This included all the data needed except for the split for short (less than 6 miles in the spreadsheet) and long personal vehicle trips (over 6 miles). However, it did include the percentage breakdown for private car trips. This percentage would therefore represent both short and long trips. However, similar data was available in INRIX report for 28 of the total number of 60 cities. It is similar because it only includes trips of less than 3 miles and not 6 miles. So we propose to use this threshold to split the distances instead of 6 miles.