Research Outline

Rowing Blazers


To gather information as to the financial ownership and funding of the start-up fashion brand Rowing Blazers, with data for annual sales revenue and US manufacturing base.

Early Findings

  • Rowing Blazers is a private company founded by author, archaeologist, and U.S. national team rower Jack Carlson and his girlfriend, national champion oarswoman Keziah Beall (New York City, 2016), and David Rosenzweig.
  • The company has privately held backing and financing status of Venture Capital-backed company's. In its two funding rounds, Rowing Blazers have accumulated $3.3 million from a seed round as of August 2018 ($2.6 mil)- pre-seed raised $700K in December 2016.
  • The senior team consists of 3 members (Jack, David and Web Smith-Director of Strategy & Leadership) with 4 board members/advisors: Tyler Winklevoss, Cameron Winklevoss, Mark Chou, J. Stanley Tucker.
  • Cameron Winklevoss (Co-founder and President of Gemini) and Tyler Winklevoss (Co-founder and CEO of Gemini) provided the majority of funding through Winklevoss Capital.
  • Rowing Blazer's manufacturing location is in the Garment District of New York- each blazer is handmade in Manhattan with total sales revenue for the company at $1 million.
Although there is relevant information pertaining to the company's inception, the private financial data for the company are not readily available. Private companies, especially one in North America are not legally required to publish financial information. PrivCo is a source for financial and market intelligence on more than 300k privately held companies in the U.S. with revenue greater than $1 million; however, as a paywall source, it provides data on investors and deals in the private equity, venture capital, and M&A markets.