Innovation Contacts


The goal is to obtain the names and email addresses of innovation leaders for the provided companies.

Early Findings

  • We have converted the provided spreadsheet into Google Sheets. The spreadsheet with the contact information can be found here.
  • For Admiral, the Head of Partnerships and Innovation is Joanne Garcia.
  • For AF Group, the Innovation Leader is Abel Travis.
  • The Chief Innovation Officer at American National is Bernard Gerwel.
  • The Chief Innovation Officer at Arch Insurance is Jay Rajendra.
  • The SVP of Innovation at Arrowhead General Insurance is Steve Boyd. He is technically the SVP for their parent company, Brown and Brown, but we could not find any other innovation leader specifically at Arrowhead, so we have included Boyd.


Finding the names of innovation leaders at the requested companies has proved to be relatively simple. Unfortunately, most of these leaders do not publish their direct emails on the company website or their Linkedin pages. To obtain possible emails, we have used, which provides either verified or "probable" email addresses.

Proposed next steps:

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We have found five contacts in our initial research, so there are 63 additional contacts to find. We can continue with the next step: 1) Finding the additional 63 contacts in the list. For each, in the spreadsheet, we will provide their title, name, and contact information, as well as a link to their Linkedin or other source verifying their position with the requested company.
Alternatively, we can find the contacts' LinkedIn profiles only. Since the emails we find are probable emails instead of fully verified emails provided by the contacts themselves, this can allow for direct contact through LinkedIn instead.