Research Outline

AI Technology in Sales


The goal is to understand how companies are having success using AI technology for sales.

Early Findings

  • Alibaba uses AI technology to predict what customers might want to buy based on their search history and other factors.
  • Bokus, a Swedish online retail company, uses Apptus AI technology to create customized newsletters to send out to customers. The company found that their sales increased over 100% after implementing this technology.
  • The company Tomorrow Sleep used AI technology to boost web traffic to their stores by 10,000%.
  • eBay uses AI technology to write customized emails automatically with the Phrasee tool.
  • Terrapin uses the AI technology Saleswhale to find credible sales leads. The tool allowed them to automatically find 1,103 leads in one year without much human intervention.


While we found a few examples of sales companies that have benefitted from using AI technology, we did not find much in the way of in-depth case studies on the brands. The results we found were mostly a brief look into what companies are using. We also found that most of the information available on this subject was related to use cases of AI tech for sales and marketing, which focused on the actual technology and how it can be used for sales, not focused on the companies using it.