Grocery Circulars: Direct Mail


To identify the top companies that mail local grocery circulars across the U.S. This research will help with advertising in circulars nationally.

Early Findings

Valassis: RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail

  • In its print marketing department, Valassis has the RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail offering that delivers direct mail to its subscribers and people who provide their addresses on the website.
  • Every week, RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail delivers grocery circulars to subscribers.
  • The mail stands out in the mail box as it consists of an outer wrap and important inserts inside, making it gain results.
  • Customers that use the direct mail package are able to save ads and motivate readers to buy from them.
  • The direct mail inserts inside the outer package can be targeted to specific neighborhoods around the main location within which the store is in. They can also be customized for the local audience.
  • To identify ideal consumers including their location, behaviors, and neighborhood, data can be purchased from the Valassis Consumer Graph.
  • RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail has local and national coverage, providing access to more than 117 million households in the U.S.
  • This is Valassis' website.
  • This is the RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail's website.

Summary of Early Findings

  • In the early findings, we have provided Valassis as an example of a company that mails grocery circulars throughout the U.S. through its RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail print marketing offering.

Proposed next steps:

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We are proposing additional research that provides the top 2-3 companies that mail local grocery circulars in the U.S. These will be companies that mail over a large part of the U.S. For each company, we will provide details of their mailing process, their geographical reach within the U.S. (the number of people they mail to, states, cities, or other relevant metrics), specific information on grocery circulars, a link to the website, and what sets them apart from the other companies. Valassis' RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail will be excluded since it was provided in the early findings.
We can also provide 2-3 insights surrounding the future of direct mail grocery circulars in the U.S. This can be statistics or any relevant information that shows whether the delivery of grocery circulars by direct mail will increase or decline.