Research Outline

Formulation Management Companies/Optimization Tools


To provide an overview of formulation management or formulation optimization tools/companies that can take in multiple variables, analyze, and offer optimized formula/recipe recommendations (cost, performance, raw materials) in order to identify the players in the formulation management/optimization space and what tools/services already exist.

Early Findings

Our background research on formulation management companies revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Ascendia Pharma

  • Ascendia specializes in "the invention and development of specialty pharmaceutical products and novel formulation technologies" and provides their partners with "rapid, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for their difficult formulation development projects."
  • This company seeks out partners who are "emerging pharmaceutical companies in need of early-stage formulation development services, generic companies looking for innovative technology, and specialty pharmaceutical companies with ideas for new product development programs."
  • Ascendia's expertise is in the area of "creating formulations for poorly water soluble molecules" by using the tools of "nano-emulsion, amorphous solid dispersion, controlled release and nano-particle engineering."
  • Their life-cycle management and 505 (b)(2) product development is "dedicated to the solubility and bioavailability enhancement of difficult-to-formulate compounds."

Federal Package

  • Federal Package has extensive expertise of over forty years in personal care product formulation for "a wide variety of health and beauty products including: lip care, deodorants, and skin care", and they are "the preferred contract manufacturer for many of the leading personal care companies."
  • Their research and development team evaluates and customizes ingredients for the requested personal care formulation that are organic-certified from an FDA approved laboratory and production facility.
  • Having an onsite FDA-registered laboratory makes it possible for them to expedite the custom formulation process.
  • Their chemistry staff has over 60 years of combined experience, and Federal Package claims that they are "well known for our ability to re-formulate difficult cosmetic formulations or revise and enhance existing formulations."
  • They are also "experts at controlling the process and costs" for creating formulas.