South Carolina Manufacturers and Amazon


To create a list of manufacturers in South Carolina that sell to Amazon directly in order to understand the e-commerce support needs for manufacturing. The resulting list should include the company name, location, and web address.

Early Findings

Project Spreadsheet

  • The spreadsheet suggested for use in this project is attached with South Carolina manufacturer names (linked to their individual websites) already input. The spreadsheet can be accessed here.

South Carolina Manufacturers

  • The South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance lists 175 member companies that manufacture various products in the state.

General Insights

  • Nearly 1/3 of manufactures in a recent survey claim to sell on Amazon as a third-party.

Third-Party vs. First-Party Sellers

  • Manufacturers can choose to sell to Amazon via two paths. First-party sellers sell products wholesale to Amazon, work directly through Amazon Retail, and use the Amazon Vendor Central interface. Third-party sellers sell directly to consumers as a third party on the Amazon marketplace, sell their products at retail prices, and use the Seller Central interface. "Put simply, 1P is similar to a wholesale relationship for a manufacturer, and 3P is a more typical direct to consumer route."

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