Research Outline

Box Analytics and Security


To find useful analytics about Box, the SaaS file-sharing app, including data regarding who is sharing files, who is accessing files, and useful analytics pages or videos that can provide insights for the security team of an organization using Box.

Early Findings


Box has 41 million users.
13.2 million Box customers are paying customers.
95,000 organizations are paying for Box.
There are four billion content interactions taking place on Box monthly.
Box reaches 280,000 businesses.
Box reaches 99% of Fortune 500 companies.
70% of Fortune 500 companies pay for Box.

Security Concerns

Adversis, a cyber-security firm that works with Box, scanned the accounts of large companies in 2018 in order to guess vanity URLs of folders or files shared by employees in the past.
It discovered many highly sensitive data including passport photos, social security numbers, bank account numbers, financial data, employees lists, and customer lists.
Apple, the Discovery Channel, Herbalife, Schneider Electric, and even Box are among the companies that were found to exposed internal files.