Employee Training


To understand the key needs of businesses when it comes to employee training by identifying the top employee training needs/preferences, types of training that are most desired, most effective, and most preferred and the reason for its importance. This will be used to develop a message that's targeted to businesses for the purpose of attracting them to a customized employee training program.

Early Findings

Informal skills training for new products is needed

Training for soft skills is needed

  • Also, according to ComputerWorld magazine survey, "executives say there is an increasing need for people who have not only the skills and technical skills to do a job but also the necessary soft skills, such as strong listening and communication abilities."
  • This is useful in retail or restaurant environment since in these environments "soft skills are used in every interaction with customers and are a key component of the customer experience."
  • Many problems in businesses or "organizations are due to a lack of soft skills, or interpersonal skills, not by problems with the business itself."

Legal training is needed

  • There are organizations that "have paid a high cost for not properly training their employees on the laws relating to their industry." For instance, "in 2011, Massachusetts General Hospital paid over $1 million in fines related to privacy policies that were not followed."
  • This resulted in the organization agreeing "to develop training for workers on medical privacy." "Sexual harassment law training and discrimination law training" are other kinds of legal training that might be included.

Proposed next steps:

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