Train Accidents


To identify a list of train accidents caused by a malfunction of train carts manufactured by CRRC Corporation Limited, and which occurred either in Western Europe or North America. These should be accidents caused by technical issues, rather than by a crash or something else. Information for each accident should include a link to an article describing it, the date when and location where it occurred, the result of the accident, and how the train company addressed it.

Early Findings


  • In 2011, a CRRC train car led to a collision in China.
  • Thirty-five people were killed in the crash, which "raised fresh questions about China’s high-speed rail ambitions and will lend support to critics calling for more investment in conventional, slower technology".


  • Also in 2011, a number of people were killed in a train crash involving Chinese bullet trains.
  • Initial reports indicated that 210 people were killed in the accident; however, a final report of the incident showed that it resulted in 40 deaths and 172 injuries.
  • "It happened when one train hurtled into another that had stalled near the city of Wenzhou, south of Shanghai."
  • A final report for the accident was released a year later, in 2012, and blamed "design flaws and poor management" for the incident.
  • Specifically, the crash was caused by "the type LKD2-T1 train control system", which had not been formally researched and developed and for which the team "failed to carry out a comprehensive assessment and conduct testing when the system was produced".


  • In 2018, a CRRC-built train derailed in the Wuhan subway during a test run.
  • Three people were injured in the accident "when several cars at the front of the train jumped the track and overturned after the driver applied the train’s brakes".
  • The accident occurred during a test run, preventing further injuries or deaths from occurring.

United States

  • In the United States, the CRRC has contracts with rail systems in Springfield, MA; Philadelphia, PA; and Los Angeles, CA.
  • However, "the Trump administration is moving to ban state-owned companies like CRRC from receiving any federal funds to build transit vehicles", which could cause problems for the company's operations in the country.

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