Health Segmentation


To gain understanding of available healthcare segmentation examples/models available to inform purchase decisions. An ideal response would answer 4 research questions:

1. What are some existing consumer healthcare segmentation examples/models in the United States?
2. Which (if any) consumer healthcare segmentation examples/models are available to buy "off the shelf"?
3. What are the areas of expertise for identified examples/models?
4. What is the reputation of each identified example/model?

Early Findings

Healthcare Segmentation

  • Healthcare segmentation allows companies to gain insights into consumer healthcare behavior, as patient-centered care increases and individuals are more active in their medical care.
  • Benefits of using healthcare segmentation include better patient engagement, appropriate service distribution, tailored marketing strategies, and product/service development.
  • Available segmentation examples for consumers tend to involve the use of technology, linking consumers to providers, payment, and wellness support.

Consumer-Focused Segmentation Examples

  • CarePayment assists consumers in navigating payment for healthcare, including financing options.
  • Noom is a digital platform application that provides personalized support and guidance to consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle and making diet modifications.
  • Simplee is an application for consumers that makes payment and billing more transparent and assists consumers with engaging in the billing and payment process to find affordable options.
  • American Well is a service assisting consumers in connecting with healthcare providers, using telehealth options.
  • MDLive is a telehealth service allowing consumers to connect to physicians for urgent care needs via phone, online, or a mobile application.
  • Technology such as the Amazon Alexa also assists consumers in monitoring their health and finding treatment methods.

Summary of Findings Related to the Research

  • A brief overview of segmentation in healthcare was provided.
  • Six examples of healthcare segmentation focused on consumers were identified. Additional examples were not found, and research showed the concept of segmentation in healthcare is fairly new, which likely contributed to the lack of identified examples. Most of the research led to segmentation on the B2B level.
  • A spreadsheet was created to allow comparison of the identified examples of segmentation geared toward consumers, with additional research providing the necessary information.

Research proposal:

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