Overview: Facebook for Jobs API


Obtain a working overview and step by step process of Facebook for Jobs API. Determine the steps that are necessary to begin working with the API. Determine also the benefits and the functionality provided once integrated.

Early Findings

Facebook for Jobs API

  • With Facebook pages API, administrators can make changes and manage their Facebook pages from the corresponding page-related app.
  • Administrators can also post content to Facebook of Messenger using a page's identity.
  • Pages API can help in developing a Pages management tool for the clients of a company.
  • It can also help in developing apps that can enable content providers and editors to publish them as a page on the platform.

Setting up a Facebook for Jobs API

  • The Jobs XML feed lets developers post job-related topics and allows them to take in applications from Facebook users.
  • With this setup, companies can link to multi-cultural and eligible applicants while they are signed in to their Facebook account.
  • The outline of the complete integration flow starts with the generation of an XML feed. Next is to receive jobs API job permission, register the recruiting manager and job feeds and wait for the jobs review.
  • After this, the feed will now be live on Facebook and linked with the corresponding Facebook page.

Process Details

  • The initial step to link with Facebook is to establish an XML feed that suits Facebook standards.
  • Some of the sample feeds and the requirements for generating an XML feed was also outlined in the "Get Started" section of the Facebook developers' site.
  • Before jobs can be posted on Facebook, certain permissions need to be granted to the owner of the Facebook page where the jobs will be posted. The Facebook admin can be contacted through the support inbox to know more about the status of the permissions applied.
  • Once the permissions are granted, the administrator can already start releasing the jobs through the XML feed on Facebook. Prior to this, the administrator should assign a recruiting manager and indicate a job feed, representing the XML file.

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Summary of Findings:

Our one hour of research provided some of the steps in the process to set up the Facebook for Jobs API.
We also provided some of the benefits and the functionality provided once integrated.

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