Research Outline

Baker Hughes: Employee Reviews


To obtain a spreadsheet with Glassdoor reviews for Baker Hughes - Vetco (Baker Hughes Subsea production systems) including role, comp (if available), and review, that depict the company culture in order to understand the company culture of a business subunit.

Early Findings


  • Baker Hughes describes its culture as "We conduct our business ethically and responsibly, ensuring safety and security for our people, the environment, and the communities in which we work. We base our high-performance culture on our Core Values of Integrity, Teamwork, Performance, Learning, and Courage."
  • This spreadsheet presents a sample of Baker Hughes' reviews on Glassdoor. When searching for the company, "Baker Hughes - Vetco" verbatim, we were redirected to the company profile, Baker Hughes.
  • This research has identified 18 reviews and populated the attached spreadsheet. From these reviews, we can describe the company culture as a welcoming, caring family-like community that would network with one another to ensure that there is growth.
  • However, from the reviews, we also discovered that the company culture has suffered a set-back after the merger. This has resulted in turbulent relations that have threatened the company culture. Others reveal that although there may be great communication within teams, most act as silos, creating an inter-group or inter-level communication gap. In some instances, lower-level employees have felt that middle-level management does not value them.

Other Review Sites

  • Baker Hughes Incorporated has several reviews on Indeed and CareerBliss: 5,300 and 130, respectively. Both of these platforms provide employee reviews.