Research Outline

Use of AI in the Construction Industry


To obtain case studies on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the construction industry. Specifically, for each of the 10 benefits listed in this article, the aim is to obtain an example of a company that either 1) builds products or solutions to solve the issue, OR 2) uses such products.

Early Findings

Using AI to Make Jobsites More Productive: Uptake Technologies Inc.

  • Uptake offers solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to drive efficiency in construction. While its services are targeted at equipment dealers, the application of its technology drives productivity for construction projects.
  • The company's applications, data models, and industrial content are configured for construction. Its solutions combine the power of customer relationship management (CRM), asset performance management (APM), sales operations, and service delivery.
  • Uptake's "predictive insights inform sales leads for parts and services, increase revenue, improve asset performance, and drive customer satisfaction."
  • For construction equipment parts and services, Uptake's solutions equip field technicians with alerts of a breakdown in advance. This enables the technicians to "get the job done right the first time, service more customers and increase their billable hours."