Research Outline

Deliberative Democracy Movements


To identify the best 15 sites for political parties that execute deliberative democracy worldwide with details on success metrics regarding site engagement. This will also include details regarding other technological tools that successful deliberative democracy movements use.

Early Findings

  • NCDD's website presents a section for community news, events, resource center, and a section for their NCDD network.
  • Deliberative Democracy Consortium is another "alliance of leading organizations and scholars working in the field of public engagement, participation, and deliberation." Their site presents news and the programs that they offer. They also have a section for their bulletin, an open-access journal, and their membership.
  • The Royal Society of Arts that is at the "forefront of significant social impact for over 260 years" is also a movement that executes deliberative democracy principles. They present different articles, videos, and current projects on their site.
  • The Political Studies Association is a group that "aims to bring together academics with a research interest in the broad areas of participatory and deliberative democracy and intends to provide an outlet for the dissemination of research findings." It also has pages on news, events, opportunities, and resources.

Summary of Findings

  • We have presented sites of different coalitions and alliances that execute deliberative democracy with some details regarding their website.
  • There are no publicly available data that ranks the best sites of deliberative democracy movements and there is no available information as well regarding the success metrics of the site's engagement.