Identifying Plumbing Purchasing Demographic


Determine what demographic is making plumbing purchasing decisions most often in California for marketing purposes.

Early Findings

Related Plumbing and Purchasing Demographics

  • The age ranges most likely to purchase a new home to avoid fixing plumbing or electricity problems are ranked as follows: 36 and younger (48 percent), 37-51 (37 percent), 62-70 (30 percent), 52-61 (27 percent), and 71-91 (18 percent). This indicates that those between 52-61 are more likely to fix plumbing problems when they arise.
  • Women are responsible for 70-80 percent of consumer purchases in general.
  • Women purchase more than 50 percent of traditionally male products, including home improvements.
  • For Baby Boomers (50-64), price was the biggest concern in purchasing home improvement projects or repair services (with 56 percent of respondents selecting it, ranking them 1st of five listed generations). Just behind them at 55 percent is Gen X (35-49).
  • Getting a spouse to agree to the project or service was a problem for 17 percent of Baby Boomers, ranking them 4th among the five listed generations. This signifies that spousal disagreement is not a common issue for this demographic.
  • 21 percent of Gen X said that spousal agreement was a problem when purchasing repair services, placing them 1st among the five listed generations for this issue.
  • The Silent Generation (65-75) is most likely to rely on professional service for household repairs with 48 percent of respondents selecting it over DIY. 37 percent of Gen X (35-49) and Baby Boomers (50-64) prefer to hire a professional.

Summary of Early Findings

The research team completed a thorough high-level search (including survey, census, and industry data) to determine if information on the demographics of the typical plumbing purchaser in California was available. No relevant information could be located, and the search was expanded to the United States in general. Once again, the demographic purchasing plumbing services could not be readily identified.

Based on the lack of public information specific to the question, our recommendations are as follows.

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