Research Proposal

Plumbing Companies


To examine the marketing tactics of plumbing services companies in California. To determine the best practices for launching a plumbing company (traditional, not digital) in California.

Early Findings

Best Practices Research

  • While we did not find any preexisting information on best practices for starting a plumbing business in California specifically, we found several general guidelines from SmallBizTrends on how to start a plumbing business in general.
  • We also cross-referenced other credible sources including business resource by TRUiC and creative marketplace DesignHill.
  • Below are the best practices gleaned from the initial hour of research.

Right Certification and Business Registration

Niche Specialization

Referral Program and Online Presence

  • Creating a referral program is vital for a new local service business and market growth in the long run.
  • A discount or reward may be offered to encourage existing customers to bring in new clients.
  • An online presence is also necessary to market the company and connect to customers, according to TRUiC.
  • SmallBizTrends recommends exploring review sites such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor and Angie's List.
  • DesignHill also recommends using social media to promote the new business.
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