Podcasts for Farmers


To establish podcast listenership among farmers as evidence to support that a podcast aimed at farmers would be a
success; to establish if this a growing medium among farmers (both young and old), and what sort of programs farmers like to listen to.

Early Findings

Farm & Rural Ag Network

  • Farm & Rural Ag Network is an agricultural podcast that shares farming content. On this platform, farmers, agribusiness influencers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs share their experiences on farming as well as the issues facing modern agriculture. The podcasts air 4 episodes per quarter and have a following of over 4,400 followers on Twitter and rank at 1.4 M on Alexa.

Young Farmers Podcast

Farmer to Farmer

  • Farmer to Farmer is a podcast that creates content that revolves around showcasing and introducing successful farmers and growers. In this podcast, host Chris Blanchard invites successful farmers to explore and detail what is required to make a farm successful.
  • Listeners can hear a wide range of issues such as employment in the farm sector, the secret to cultivating various plants such as carrot, soil fertility, and farming challenges.
  • Farmer to Farmer is supported by various sponsors in the agriculture sector, such as BSC America, Farmers Web, and Vermont Compost.

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