True Podcast Opportunities


To better understand Buzzsrpout's article and what information they used to make their assertions. Also, to find other articles that use data to backup their assertions on underserved podcast topics.

Early Findings

Buzzspout Article

  • Buzzsprout used no real data to back up their recommendations. At this point, we pivoted to try and find some hard data.
  • After not locating any unified data to help us understand the podcasting market, we located an article that gave us insight.
  • When looking at podcasts you have Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon as the big competitors. To listen to a podcast you need to pick a provider. These providers do not share information with each other. You could find a podcast on Spotify that is extremely popular, but you might not find that same podcast on Google.
  • This is also due to the fact that the search functions are challenging on these platforms. It is hard to get quality results at times, unlike YouTube, and can be confusing. There are most likley some wonderful podcasts out there that simply do not show up in searches.
  • There is also a lack of quality analytics and measurement standards for the industry as a whole. Therefore, this is most likely why Buzzsrpout made recommendations without hard data.
  • At this point, the it seems the best course of action is to take the topic ideas presented by BuzzSprout, or any other ideas that the research topics currently being worked on provide and look at them on websites such as Podbay, Stitcher, and TopPodcast, to see if they truly are an underserved market.

Research proposal:

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